BACKGROUND – Global Partnership - Hospice of the North Coast

Background: Global Partnership


The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization’s Global Partners in Care website states that it “is dedicated to improving access to hospice and palliative care worldwide where the need is great and the resources are few.”

That mission is nowhere as relevant as it is in Malawi, Africa, where Nkhoma Hospital has been doing so much for so many with so little for so long.

Hospice of the North Coast’s (HNC)’s Global Partnership with Nkhoma Hospital, initiated in January 2016, is working assiduously to tackle the challenge. In the months leading up to the partnership, HNC began laying the groundwork with its stakeholders, here and in Malawi, to expand access to palliative care. The HNC Board voiced its unanimous approval and pledged to support the program.

Upon becoming a Global Partner, HNC began aggressively moving forward on several fronts. As of January 2017, HNC has:

  • Underwritten the cost for a two-year fellowship and certification in hospice and palliative care for Nkhoma Hospital’s Assistant Medical Officer, Sam Kabota, MD. Dr. Sam, as he is affectionately known, has been a driving force in his hospital’s palliative care efforts since joining the facility in 2006.
  • Purchased and sent medical supplies to Nkhoma Hospital.
  • Established an in-house payroll deduction program for HNC staff, many of whom generously contribute a portion of their salary to this compassionate effort.
  • Assembled a four-person HNC team to journey to Malawi January 12-21, 2017 to begin assessing and addressing Nkhoma’s medical and related needs.
  • Initiated a community awareness program that introduces the Global Partnership and provides opportunities for individuals and groups to get involved.

A Productive, Symbiotic Relationship

HNC’s Global Partnership with Nkhoma Hospital will surely bring myriad benefits to the people of Malawi; especially to those suffering from terminal illnesses, their families, caregivers and healthcare professionals. Less apparent but also quite significant: the relationship will enhance and enrich the HNC community here at home. Traditional and western medicine can complement each other as teams from each entity problem-solve jointly. As part of the warm, interpersonal relationship, in addition to HNC teams traveling to Malawi, Nkhoma professionals will visit HNC.

Above all, the Global Partnership will bring people together to pursue Hospice of the North Coast’s passionate, 37-year commitment to helping ease the transition from life to death. That makes the nearly 10,200 miles – from the heart of Carlsbad to the “Warm Heart of Africa” in Malawi – seem not so distant after all.

Your Dollars Make a Difference

Our GP supporters shorten that distance with their empathy and largesse. Their tax-deductible donations – and yours – are transformative; in many cases, life-saving. Here are a few of the many ways in which your dollars make a difference.

  • $13/day funds a Nkhoma Hospital bed for a malaria patient, a mother in labor, three sick young children, or a man dying from AIDS.
  • $350 covers the cost of one month’s worth of morphine administered for palliative care.
  • $782 per month enables an ambulance to transport emergency patients from outlying rural areas on dirt roads to Nkhoma Hospital for desperately needed treatment.