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Be a Champion

You don’t have to wear a Batman or Wonder Woman costume to be a superhero. With one quick click or call, you can join our Global Partnership (GP) with Nkhoma Hospital in Malawi, Africa. As a GP Champion, your support helps us help some of the nearly ten million terminally ill adults and children across that continent in need of palliative care.

As HNC’s Director of Philanthropy for one of San Diego’s premier nonprofit hospices, Shelly Dew is adept at fundraising for the worthwhile cause of providing compassionate care, dignity and respect for each patient and family served. But it was not until she journeyed to Malawi and welcomed the Malawi team to Carlsbad that her thoughts became elevated far beyond serving our North County community. Shelly confided, “I am honored – all of us at Hospice of the North Coast are honored – and humbled to be part of an effort that is so much larger than any of us, and that enables everyone who participates to leave a legacy of global kindness.”

We Welcome You to Our Championship Team

We thank you in advance for your generous support of our Global Partnership. Funds provide palliative care education, training, research, medication and supplies as well as HNC-Nkhoma Hospital team exchanges that bridge 10,000 miles between Carlsbad, California, USA and Malawi, Africa in the pursuit of professional, compassionate care for the terminally ill and their families.

Here are four ways to become a Champion:


Donate $55 or more and receive a beautiful hand-crafted bag made with unique Malawi fabrics.


Donate $105 or more and receive a charming teddy bear created from unique Malawi fabrics.

WATCH US! Vicariously visit Malawi with a video that showcases our 2017 trip.

To learn more call 760-431-4100.

A Legacy of Global Kindness

Please contact us at 760-431-4100 to schedule a presentation for your group. Make your one-time or sustainable donation: Click Here >>

Until we meet again, tiwonana! (That’s goodbye in Chichewa!)