POSTED BY Rahul | Mar, 20, 2017 |

HNC’s clinical and non-clinical operations are based on 10 essential components of quality care. Through these components, we organize, assess and monitor the working of our hospice. These standards have been laid down by NHPCO and members of its Quality and Standards Committee.

The Ten essential Components of Quality in HNC are:

  1. Primary Focus of Care to be patient and patient’s family.

    We ensure that the quality of care is in line with the patient and family’s expectations and always strive to exceed those expectations.

  2. Protecting consumer rights and conduct operations with ethical behavior.

    We Uphold high standards of ethical conduct and advocate for the rights of patients and their family caregivers.

  3. Ensuring Clinical Excellence and Safety.

    We ensure clinical excellence and promote safety through standards of practice. HNC also follows the National Safety Goals of the Joint Commission.

  4. Complete Inclusion and Access to everyone.

    We promote inclusiveness in our community and ensuring that all people — regardless of race, ethnicity, color, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age or other characteristics — have access to our programs and services.

  5. Ensuring Organizational Excellence.

    We have built a culture of quality and accountability within our organization. We value collaboration and communication and ensure ethical business practices.

  6. Ensuring Workforce Excellence.

    HNC fosters a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment that promotes inclusion, individual accountability and workforce excellence, through professional development, training, and support to all staff and volunteers. All clinical staff are expected to become hospice care certified through HPNA when eligible.

  7. NHPCO Standards.

    HNC has adpoted the NHPCO Standards of Practice for Hospice Programs and the National Consensus Project’s Clinical Practice Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care as the foundation for our organization. HNC is also accredited by the Joint Commission

  8. HNC Ensures Compliance.

    We ensuring compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and professional standards of practice, and implement systems and processes that prevent fraud and abuse.

  9. Stewardship and Accountability.

    HNC has a qualified and diverse governance structure with senior leadership who share the responsibilities of fiscal and managerial oversight.

  10. Performance Measurement.

    HNC collects, analyzes, and actively uses performance measurement data to foster quality assessment and performance in all areas of care and services.