The Work Continues - Hospice of the North Coast

The Work Continues

The whirlwind trip was over. Heartfelt farewells were exchanged. The threesome’s flight back to Malawi was long but thankfully without a flaming engine. Both teams pledged to move forward with eagerness to build upon the project through collaborative processes such as conducting interdisciplinary meetings regarding patients via Skype.

Executive Director Sharon Lutz and her team debriefed, shared their experiences with Global Partnership Committee members and identified three primary goals:

1. Fund a medical social worker to fill a much-needed niche at Nkhoma Hospital. Care Advocate Christina Montanez noted, “A provider is desperately needed to fill the gap in services. The social worker can link patients to psycho-social-spiritual resources in a Malawi-oriented context.”

2. Advance the technical assistance requested by the Malawi team. HNC Clinical Director Cathy Gibson reported, “We want to establish an online palliative care curriculum that can be accessed by their caregiving team.”

3. Create a sustainable exchange model. Executive Director Sharon Lutz said, “The team told us how beneficial it was to have us visit, work with and assist on-site. The trip to Malawi is difficult, both physically and emotionally due to disparity of healthcare, but the journey is so very important.”

Sharon and her team emphasized, “We actively seek funding to accomplish these goals. We invite people to participate by providing financial support, and even invite them to lend expertise on our next trip. We promise that your life will be forever changed!”