POSTED BY Rahul | Mar, 17, 2017 |

Did you ever take time to acknowledge your grief?

Have you ever witnessed sad emotions arising inside you?

Do you bury down these emotions or are overwhelmed with them?

What if we had a switch to turn ON and OFF such emotions and stay in a state of happiness and calmness? Unfortunately no such switch exists and controlling emotions is never an easy task. For once, you may be able to hide them but ignoring them within yourself is simply not possible.

Of the negative emotions, grief is one that kills us from within, makes us feel weak and incapable. Grief could be loss of a loved one, health issues of those you care about, financial crisis or recovering from a tragedy. Grief is also caused while struggling with divorce and unfavorable outcomes of medical diagnosis.

Whatever form of grief it might be, it creates mixed feelings of sadness, emptiness, hopelessness, anxiety, numbness, anger and fearfulness.

The result of such grief is a life less enjoyable, a life of constant worry and self-pity. Religion and counseling are of some help but these emotions often overpower any counseling session or a noble read.

You cannot get stricter with your mind as it is a part of yourself and a part that does not obey you the same way as your hands and legs.

The mind can only be trained and guided by constant practice. You cannot change the circumstances but you can learn to accept them and sometimes embrace them.

Grief doesn’t need fixing. Grief needs welcoming.

Yoga invites grief to take up space. To surge. To recede. To flow. To be.

In our bereavement yoga sessions, through the doorway of the body we approach grief with the utmost respect, as one would approach the ocean. It’s powerful. It can paralyze us. It can scare us. And it can hold us.

In this practice we visit the same places in the body grief visits, sometimes countering the effects of grief, sometimes sitting with the effects of grief. The intention is not to fix, but to create space and awareness for grief to move in and to move out. To find the pockets of love hiding behind the hurt. To nurture a harmonious sense of being full of life and full of loss.

You can join our Bereavement Yoga sessions every Thursday, starting March 9th thru April 15th 2017, 12:00 pm to 1:00pm in our premises. The sessions are absolutely free but you need to register in advance by calling us at 760.431.4100.

Please bring your own yoga mat. You will be required to fill out a waiver of liability at the first session.