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What Families Say About HNC


5.0 out of 5 stars

"Outstanding Care that Pacifica House Provides"

I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire team at Pacifica for the exceptional experience I had over the last two days. I'd like to extend my appreciation to the Hospice of the North Coast for their invaluable support during my friend Stacy's final moments. My initial knowledge of Pacifica came from Judy S., and I had heard great things, but the reality far exceeded my expectations.

Stacy arrived in a very fragile state on Sunday, and I had the privilege of being by her side from Monday through Tuesday afternoon. Throughout this emotional and challenging time, I had the opportunity to interact with various members of the Pacifica team, and their kindness, respect, remarkable competence, and exceptional communication skills left a lasting impression. They were not only attentive to Stacy's needs but also provided unwavering support to her family.

I am deeply grateful for the outstanding care that Pacifica provides, which undoubtedly represents the pinnacle of hospice care. My sincere well wishes and appreciation go out to all the dedicated individuals at Pacifica. May you continue to thrive and make a positive difference in the lives of those you touch.

Rita C.
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"Treated with Dignity, Respect and Even Love"

This review is for Pacifica House in Carlsbad. My mother recently passed away and spent her last few days in the care of the folks at Pacifica House. I have always been amazed by the people who provide Hospice care but the people at Pacifica House were exceptional. They made my mother comfortable and provided for our family while we visited mom. I wish I could remember names so I could call out some individuals . Let me just say my mother was treated with dignity, respect and even love by the Pacifica House staff. The staff helped me deal with the reality of my mother's passing and while I was not happy about mom's passing, they made me better able to deal with it.

I hope you don't ever find yourself in this situation but if you do, I can think of no better place to make that journey than at Pacifica House. Thank You Pacifica House so very, very much.

Tim M.
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"Passed Comfortably and Peacefully"

I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks to your "Angel Team". The Dream Team arrived on January 15th within two hours of my desperate call to rescue and scoop up my graceful and courageous Mom from passing at Glen Brook La Costa. The amazing team worked diligently, they immediately were able get her comfortably medicated (I had requested morphine 25 hours prior) to no avail, Kristi was able to expedite my wishes to the charge nurse and finally my mom was relieved of her pain and transported to the Gardens in Carlsbad all within hours of my call.

Words can not express how grateful our little family was for Kristi who was our lead nurse and responsible for all the right comfort medications and gently delivering the unfortunate news that our Sweet Sydelle had a very limited time here on this earth. Kristi was able to provide us gently with expectations and valuable information. When Sydelle passed literally 32 hours after arrival, our family was in shock but knowing she passed comfortably and peacefully because your team was there for us...

The Weyman Family Thanks You from the bottom of our hearts...

Sydelle W.
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"100% Professional, Caring and Resourceful"

Stop searching for the best hospice in the San Diego area because you have found it - no one can top Hospice of the North Coast. We used two other hospices with my dad's Alzheimer's- one in Los Angeles and the other in North County. The LA hospice was excellent, so when we moved to Oceanside I thought that was the norm. We signed on first with another hospice and it was very unacceptable. So many problems with them. Then I found Hospice of the North Coast and they were fantastic, right to the end of my dad's life and afterwards, as well.

Their equipment was in great condition. The bathing aides were very experienced. Communication was effortless and I always got help when I called them. The nurses were exceptional. The chaplain and social workers were angels. They are 100% professional, caring, and resourceful. And they are a non-profit, which I loved. They have a home where patients can stay if they need skilled nursing care. We never got to that point, but the nurses walked me through all the stages of transition and active dying and I am so grateful to them. One day near the end I thought I was going to lose it and I called just to have someone listen and it was so comforting and helpful. I cannot say enough about Hospice of the North Coast. Please call and talk to them today.

Elizabeth W.
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"Dignity She Deserved"

We were unprepared when my mother in law was diagnosed with incurable cancer during this last Christmas /new year season. The wonderful people at Scripps Encinitas helped us find Hospice of the North Coast. Besides dealing with the sudden disclosure of her imminent demise how do you quickly find health care and equipment that was necessary when she was brought home? Hospice of the North Coast did everything and with grace and gave Amy the dignity she deserved. I cannot thank them enough.

When Amy passed, at home amongst family and friends, North Coast gave us a list of mortuaries to choose from.

Bill F.
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"Amazing Care"

I can not say enough good things about Hospice of the North Coast. They took amazing care of my mother in law at the end of her life. She lived her last 3 days at their Pacifica House and they took the best care of her. Mary, the director of the home was so informative and helpful. Dr. Miller and all of the medical staff were amazing. The volunteers were so kind. The chaplain and social worker were so warm and caring. Rosario who set up our first meeting was wonderful. They made my mother in laws passing a beautiful experience.

When searching for a hospice I really wanted to use a non profit company. There were only 2 options in the part of San Diego where my mother in law lived. I wanted more options so I spoke with other hospices and palliative companies that I found online or were recommended to us by the hospital case managers. Once the referrals were put out there our family was called incessantly. My mother in law was treated more like a "lead" than a human being that was dying. Even after asking one company to quit calling us they continued and even stalked us at the hospital. It was such a turn off. We just wanted to spend time with our dear mom and not have to avoid phone calls from pushy sales people. Hospice of the North Coast was the first company I contacted online. They called me back within 24 hours, answered all of my questions and told me that they would be there for us if we needed them. And when we needed them they were there immediately! I so appreciate the way they treated all of us.

I highly recommend you do your homework when choosing a hospice, palliative team, rehab hospital or board and care. Many of them offer the same services but they do not all treat our loved ones with the dignity and respect they deserve. Listen to your gut, don't be afraid to ask questions. You are so vulnerable and can feel so helpless when you are dealing with a loved one who has a terminal illness. I am so glad that I took the time needed to hire the right company. Thank you Hospice of the North Coast for making a tragic time so peaceful.

Shawn S.
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The Folks at Hospice of the North Coast are fantastic. The care they gave my Wife was Exceptional. The Nurses provided great care as she had mobility issues. They did all they could to make things as easy as possible for her. The Doctor was open and honest with us, which we both appreciated. If I could give them 10 stars I would.

Normando S.
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"Attentive in Every Way"

I can't say enough good things about this hospice. Kindness leads with Hospice of the North Coast.

We sought hospice care for my father in May 2019. I am writing this at the end of August. We chose Hospice of the North Coast based mostly on Yelp reviews -- we had a bad experience with a different hospice for another family member. I am so grateful to Hospice of the North Coast-- and to Yelpers for telling us about them.

My father is still living, although he has a terminal illness. Hospice of the North Coast has been attentive to his needs in every way-- his physical, emotional, medical, and other needs.

They have also been there to talk to any family member near or far and have a wide-ranging set of activities and methods of support provided by well-trained volunteers and kind professionals. Visits with a therapy pet, veteran honors, a friendly volunteer to provide support and distraction for my mom, suggestions for the family, straight-forward information, music therapy, social worker and chaplain visits, are just a few of the benefits we have received from this hospice, and there are more that we have not needed yet.

As hard as the process of losing a beloved family member is, I am comforted by the thought that we made a good choice for our dad and family with Hospice of the North Coast.

J B.
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"Very Special People"

Thank you to your entire staff and medical team for ALL of their care for my husband. Words cannot describe how much gratitude and respect I have for all of them … very special people … extraordinary home!

Beth F.

"Phenomenal Care"

Benny & Pam C.
Pacifica House Five Year Anniversary

"They Were Very Caring"

Our family would highly recommend Hospice of the North Coast. They made my Dad’s journey so smoothly. They were very attentive and kept us very informed. As we ended our journey with his passing, they were very caring. They have been with us during this time and gave us peace. We will never be able to thank them enough.

Sandra L.

"Such Excellent Care"

I'd like to take this opportunity to show my appreciation and gratitude to you and the wonderful staff that took such excellent care of my wife Janie. The many services you offer and your expertise in implementing them is extremely admirable. The knowledge, compassion and overall courtesy you maintain are traits to be envious of.  I had a feeling of peace and confidence after our first meeting and knew Pacifica House was the best decision I could have made for my wife Janie. Again, thank you for all you have done and I will highly recommend you to anyone who may need your services.

 Rick P.
HNC Website

"The Nurses at Hospice Were Amazing"

The nurses at hospice were amazing and provided my Mom with so much love and care along her short journey. They really helped prepare and support my family during the process and were professional and kind. I can't say enough great things about all they did for us and helped us get through during such an emotional time.

Gina A.
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"He Passed so Peacefully"

My uncle was on service with Hospice of the North Coast and they were fantastic! They are very educated on end of life and were able to educate my family on the disease process and what to expect. He passed so peacefully and we couldn't be happier with the care we were provided by Hospice of the North Coast.

Teri l.
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"These People are Amazing"

These people are amazing! During such a difficult time, Hospice of the North Coast was a saving grace for our father and our family. The team here offered such incredible support and much needed guidance. We are beyond grateful that our dad was able to be as comfortable as he was during his final days and for this we have the folks at Hospice of the North Coast to thank.

Kim D.
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"Excellent Care"

Thank you Hospice of the North Coast for taking excellent care of my mother - Margaret Koroncey. From her son, Ken Koroncey.

Laurel K.
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"I Highly Recommend Pacifica House"

My mother was cared for at Pacifica House and passed just about one year ago. The staff and facility was amazing for both her and our family. I can't thank them enough for what they did for us. I highly recommend Pacifica House for hospice care for your loved ones.

James B.
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"The Best Care"

Thank you to the amazing staff for your respectful, loving, caring, and kindness to my husband, Manuel, in his last days. It has given me comfort and helped me so much, knowing that he was given the best care. Again thank you, with all my heart.

Josie A.
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"It Feels Like Home"

Hospice of The North is a godsend. I am eternally grateful for the nurses, care, and ambiance that was provided to my family. My mother was so sick and as much as we wanted her home (and healthy!) if she had to be anywhere this was the place for her to be. It was as if my mom was the only patient, and if we were the only family needing help.

The team here went over and beyond to give my mom 24/7 attention that was beyond a regular nurse's care. They were so focused on her comfort and giving her everything she wanted and needed. Including us as well! The nurses here are so passionate about what they do and it shows, they made us feel like family. They answered all our questions, kept us very informed every day all day, they talked with us, cried with us, and held our hands every step of the way. Along with getting such great care, The Pacifica House is so beautiful! It is very clean and looks like a model home! Every patient has there own room, own bathroom, and own couch that can be made into a pullout bed if you want to stay over night. The room is decorated beautifully and does not have a hospital feel at all! The whole house does not have a hospital feel actually. It feels like home.

They also have snacks, sodas, water, tea, coffee etc for the patients and their family. They also provide complimentary counseling and support for the patient and family.

I am forever heartbroken by the passing of my best friend - my mom; but I am beyond grateful for the care and comfort she was given here on her last days. Thank you Pacifica House!

Nicole F.
Yelp Review

"The Tender Care Was a Blessing"

A dear friend spent her final days here. She and her family and friends were treated with lovely kindness and dignity. The tender care was a blessing.
Sallyanne M.
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"Wonderful Organization"

If you or your family is ever in need, you could not find a better agency with more compassionate and caring representatives. We called as our dear friend and neighbor was entering the final stages of her cancer and they were INCREDIBLE. They coordinated an entire team of experts, who handled the medicines, the equipment, instructions, home care, emergency calls, counseling, and everything afterwards. Whenever we had the slightest need, they were there. Any time we needed some advice (literally, 24 hours a day), they were available.

Without them we would have been lost, and with them we were able to provide a gentle, loving, anxiety-free and pain-free end to our friend's time here. They also called after she passed, to see how we were doing and to offer any grief counseling we might need.

Hospice is, in general, a wonderful service. Hospice of North Coast is one of the best. Our appreciation forever.

Tim and Vikki G.
Yelp Review

"They make my life so very much easier."

“Everyone is so helpful, courteous, kind and compassionate. The nurses are knowledgeable and caring in their treatment. I always look forward to Hospice of the North Coast’s staff coming to my home and helping while also providing companionship.”

Maxine L.
HNC Website

"Angels sent from Heaven."

“My Dad was on hospice. The people that helped with my dad’s care were amazing. They took care of everything up to and at the end. Angels sent from Heaven.”

Cathy L.
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