A Heartfelt Gathering: Light Up Life 2023 at Carlsbad Library

The Hospice of the North Coast held a special event, "Light Up the Life," November 4th to commemorate loved ones who are no longer with us. Executive Director Sharon Lutz warmly welcomed participants, emphasizing the importance of coming together and celebrating the lives of those dear to our hearts. The event brought people together for a touching ceremony that focused on remembrance and healing.
Welcome Messages
Sharon Lutz, RN, BSN, CHPN
Executive Director
Kelly McEniry, Care Advocate
Sandi Kimmel, Musician

Sandi Kimmel is a singer-songwriter, author and teacher sharing her music, her voice, her writing and her heart to uplift and inspire. Her four albums of original healing songs deliver universal messages of love and unity, and have been streamed and downloaded by millions of people worldwide. A former hospice volunteer, Sandi shared her music with many patients in New York and California, and most recently, with her mother. In addition, she authored a handbook for caregivers called HEART WIDE OPEN - Self-Care for Caregivers currently used in hospitals, hospices, support groups and by families worldwide, and is currently working on a book of insights, observations, and other helpful stories for the spiritual journey. You can find Sandi’s music wherever you listen to music, or visit her website, sandikimmel.com.

Ian McCartor, Musician

Ian McCartor writes songs inspired by the wisdom of those who have suffered loss, with the hopes of inspiring others to live life to the fullest in light of these lessons. Ian has worked as a hospice nurse and co-facilitator for grief and bereavement therapy using songwriting as a way to compartmentalize loss, redirecting the perspective to something that can be seen as beautiful. He also sits bedside with those who are in their final hours, offering to be an open vessel for them if they pass with unspoken words. You can explore more of his work on ianmccartor.com.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated in the 2023 Light Up A Life event. Your presence was deeply appreciated, and we sincerely hope that the event left you feeling inspired and uplifted.

Your generous donation plays a crucial role in our mission to give back to the community. It enables us to provide comfort to hospice patients and extend grief support to those navigating the challenges of losing a loved one.